Innovative and sustainable
solutions to meet tomorrow's
energy demands

Innovative and sustainable
solutions to meet tomorrow's
energy mandates

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About revolutionary heating and
cooling technologies that save
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About us

Using breakthrough technology, New York Geothermal has created unique systems to capture and recycle the earth’s energy, ending reliance on fossil fuels while eliminating CO2 emissions entirely.

By combining geothermal and solar systems, we will save you up to 84% of the cost of heating and cooling compared to conventional systems, enabling you to not only “get off the grid,” but to actually sell your excess energy!

New York Geothermal’s best-in-class technology systems meet and surpass New York’s imminent requirements for energy efficiency, far outperforming other solar and wind solutions. Whether your goal is creating a new “net zero energy” building or upgrading an older structure, we can help you achieve unprecedented energy independence.

our mission

To reduce CO2 emissions, decrease reliance on fossil fuels and lower future energy expenses by converting to cutting-edge geothermal energy technologies. We support developers, builders and building owners in New York and neighboring municipalities in their efforts to become CO2-neutral, save on energy bills and reach full compliance with the Local Law 97 in accordance with the Climate Mobilization Act of 2019, beginning by 2025 and ending before 2050.

Our Vision

We believe that cities of the future can produce more energy than they consume. The Geothermal energy technologies in conjunction with solar will facilitate transition to clean, sustainable, and economically viable systems to heat and cool residential and commercial facilities, thus helping the cities to become CO2-neutral, reduce energy costs and protect the environment.

Our Motto

Great things happen under pressure.

The need to remove polluting fossil fuels from our economic equation and our atmosphere has never been as critical as today. The time has come to employ simple solutions engineered elegantly and inspired by the latest advances in sustainable energy technology.

Our Goal


At NY-Geothermal, we incorporate all available resources enabling you to transition to renewable, zero-emissions energy systems. We identify vital financial incentives offered by government and local utility programs to help you offset the initial cost of this meaningful investment. We are determined to make energy efficiency accessible to all, and decrease our carbon footprint one building at a time.


with our services

You will receive a pre-design energy load assessment of existing/conventional systems with a comparative chart of gained efficiency and sustainability.

You will experience meticulous design of sustainable, non-combustion heating and cooling systems.

You can count on expert installation and timely professional maintenance.


why geothermal


To start with, it is healthy. Combustion exhaust increases the risk of cancer and to overall health.


It is expensive NOT to have it. In New York City are now required by law to upgrade, or pay a huge fine starting in 2024.


Geothermal energy is up to 500% more efficient than fossil fuels, which are only 90% efficient.


Our advanced systems open horizons. Over the last 100 ears the price of fossil fuels has icreased 100 percent on average


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