Community solar farm is completed in New York

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A 7.1 MW community solar farm has been completed in York, New York. The single-axis tracker system is projected to produce approximately 10,794,000 kilowatt-hours annually and will allow local residents and businesses to benefit from clean energy savings by offsetting their electricity bills with solar energy.

The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s goal is to generate 70% of New York’s electricity from renewables; powering 700,000 additional homes, creating thousands of jobs, with 40% of benefits to low-to moderate-income residents. The state is currently ranked 11th in the country for solar installations with nearly 607,000 homes powered by the sun.

The solar panel’s carbon footprint is roughly 20 times less than the carbon output of coal-powered electricity sources. A solar panel installation can generate electricity for your geothermal heat pump at a comparatively low cost. When in tandem, gear systems offer extraordinary energy efficiency, reducing their environmental impact and energy expenses by a significant margin.

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