Today we celebrate the 52d Earth Day!

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While there are more than one way to mark this important day of the calendar year, the shared focus of these efforts is uniform: protect our planet and its unique natural environment for the benefit of all.

Origins: Sen. Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day in 1970. The event helped increase public support for the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency to address environmental issues. Earth Day has since been relegated as the most pertinent day to make environmental initiatives, signing into law environmental measures, launching new green projects and more. By the early 21st century, Earth Day’s many activities included raising awareness about a number of growing environmental concerns, especially the threat of global warming and the need for clean renewable energy sources.

Here are three ways to mark this Earth Day with added intentionality to help the protect our planet and the environment.

Recycle E-Waste:
According to the EPA, electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Chances are, you’ve got an outdated electronic appliance gathering dust somewhere at home, and your neighbors probably do too. This Earth Day, why not help make sure those gadgets end up properly recycled instead of taking up space or leaching toxins in a landfill? Locate a responsible e-waste recycler in your area, and drop off your e-waste!

Make a difference by volunteering your time to organizations that work to help the environment, protect the pollinators, renew the soil, offer starters for gardening, or just help turning off all the forgotten lights at work, community center or at home. Take a look at the EPA’s list of national and local organizations that could use your support.

Become a Geothermal energy advocate:
Geothermal resources have been identified in around 90 countries, and 79 of those have quantified records of geothermal utilization. Electricity is produced from geothermal sources in 24 countries, of which nine obtain 5–26 percent of their national electricity from geothermal.
Recommend to your local hospital, library, or university campus to switch to a geothermal system for heating and cooling their buildings in the most ecological and sustainable manner, well-researched and thoroughly tested. Reach out to your local government and encourage them to support conversion to geothermal systems at the local legislative and budgetary levels. Find a local installer who can best serve your needs.

New York City and neighbors:
For all those who happen to live in or near the New York City, consider working on your next large-scale commercial project with NY Geothermal!
Using breakthrough technology, New York Geothermal has created efficient closed-loop systems to capture and recycle the earth’s energy, ending reliance on fossil fuels while eliminating CO2 emissions entirely. New York Geothermal’s best-in-class technology systems meet and surpass New York’s imminent requirements for energy efficiency, far outperforming other solar and wind solutions. Whether your goal is creating a new “net zero energy” building or upgrading an older structure, we can help you achieve unprecedented energy independence. Geothermal energy is up to 500% more efficient than fossil fuels, which are only 90% efficient. By combining geothermal and solar systems, NY Geothermal will save you up to 84% of the cost of heating and cooling compared to conventional systems.

The time is now to create a generation of citizens who are ready for climate change. We need public understanding of how to stop climate change and environmental harm and what we can do to take concrete action to recycle and actively participate in the zero waste movement!

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