pierce-arrow2 (1)
Buffalo, NY

Pierce Arrow Building

Square Ft. of Lot: 127,000 sqf
Use: 127 apartments, 2 Restaurants
Heating and Cooling Load: 333 tons

syncronet-headquarters (1)
Buffalo, NY

Syncronet Headquarters

Square Ft. of Lot: 100,000
Use: Office IT company, Data Center
Heating and Cooling Load: 25 tons

siano (1)
Buffalo, NY

Siano Building

Use: 11 apartments, 3 commercial spaces
Heating and Cooling Load: 32 tons

zeroplace (1)
New Paltz, NY


Square Ft of Lot: 62,000
Use: 42 apartments, 6 commercial spaces
Heating and Cooling Load: 90 tons

cbi2 (1)
Niagara Falls, NY

Consolidated Business International, Inc.

Use: Office
Heating and Cooling Load: 25 tons

niagara-community-center2 (1)
Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls Community Center

Use: Indoor sports and education facility
Heating and Cooling Load: 30 tons

Lockport, NY

Lockport Housing Authority's Autumn Garden Complex

Square Ft. of Lot: 10 acres, loop field is between sidewalk and building

Lockport, NY

Lockport Housing Authority Headquarters

Use: Office
Heating and Cooling Load: 23 tons

horsefeathers2 (1)
Buffalo, NY

Horsefeathers Market and Residences

Use: 24 apartments, 2 restaurants
Heating and Cooling Load: 38 tons

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